Saturday, June 26, 2010 @
this post will mainly pictures about me
so sit back and enjoy..
if want to view more go to my mummy facebook
cause she upload many pics abt me

Friday, June 25, 2010 @
today mummy came back earlier
when mummy saw me she so happy
but she didnt see my dinner was there
so she went to kitchen to prepare my dinner
for me to eat and i finish it all cause its too

then i went to bed to have my sleep
so mummy helping me to update..

Mummy always love you no matter what happen
ily ♥

Tuesday, June 22, 2010 @
im back.. got miss me?
mummy past few days not free to help
me update cos she still have to go
her grandma house till very late then
she will come back i so miss her

these few days is so bored without mummy
by my side only slping time all e way till
i wake up.when i wake up only have few hours to
spent with her.but she will still always be my BEST

I Love You Mummy

Friday, June 11, 2010 @

mummy kept her promise she bought me
mini pizza from US Bakery
and she also buy me
1 more treats which
is muffins got so many colours

thanks mummy mummy say she want to keep 1 more dog
but i scare mummy will forget about me
i know mummy wouldnt forget de cause
i with her for 2yrs already
mummy say that nxt yr she going to buy birthday cake for me..

Wednesday, June 9, 2010 @
mummy told me that she is going
to buy me toys to play with
and also going to US Bakery tomorrow
buy mini pizza for me

cos on mummy birthday that time
she got buy me mini pizza and i finish
all of it so mummy know i love it
so she decided tomorrow go US Bakery
to buy for me

Friday, June 4, 2010 @
i have been left at home lonely once again
last time got jiejie now dont have cause
mummy ask jiejie to follow her to her ah ma house
even korkor also at home but i will still
be alone cause he seldom stay at home

got free time he will went out then left me at home
but this time round mummy left her her ah ma
house early just to go to lot1 Pets Lover Centre
to get my Fav treats Choco and xiao man tou
mummy also get me a new food bowl green in colour
to my dog biscuits "AvoDerm"
but i havent got used to it but im trying

mummy promise you
i will get new toys for you to chew and play with it

I'm a Chihuahua! (proud to be one)
Chihuahua's are smart! (thanks to you)
Chihuahua's are not pampered! (so don't even try)
Beverley Hills Chihuahua Rocks!


Im Lucky


Born on 30/1/2008

Age: 2yrs old

I love my Mummy!!

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