Sunday, August 30, 2009 @
today mummy help me to shower thank you mummy..
nw lets e pic do e talk Enjoy..

Thursday, August 27, 2009 @

today mummy didnt went skol cause she not feelin well mummy get well soon:)
even though mummy is sick bt she stil help me to prepare lunch for me to eat i love muumy alots..

after mummy carry me to her bed and have a nap.. den aunty carry me out bt she didnt put me on e floor insteand she put me on e chair mummy ask aunty why put me on e chair aunty ans tat i anyhow pee tats y she put me on e chair..

had my dinner oso prepare by mummy

im so happy cause today my sis brin me qo out to look for mummy i lonq time nva qo out alrdy.. i hv a great walk today and i just had my dinner nw im so full yum yum..

Wednesday, August 26, 2009 @
today i very noisy i kept on barking and barking.. then mummy sayang me bt i stil very noisy haha.. im going to have my dinner soon le..

today mummy help me buy Chicken Drumstick for my dinner yum yum.. thnx mummy!! nw im off to eat my dinner le

Tuesday, August 25, 2009 @
today mummy come back went to ask sis i good boi anot.. den mummy praise me tat im a good boi in e afternoon.. i just had my dinner prepared by mummy bt i didnt finish my meals i guess im too full..

bt at night i become bad boi agn i become very noisy already cause i keep on bark bark non-stop den til my sis went to stop me frm barkin den brin me to mummy.. den mummy put me on e chair and i keep on making noise..

Monday, August 24, 2009 @
im back.. today sis help me to shower i feel so fresh bt if mummy help shower i more happy cause mummy wil talk to me when she help me to shower.. today i naughty boi cause my sis wan to sayang me bt i dun lyk..

so i growl at her and bite her hand.. when mummy come bac my sis go tel mummy wat i do den mummy scold me cause i naughty boi.. nw im havin dinner thnx uncle for helping me to prepare e foods..

Sunday, August 23, 2009 @
i just had my dinner jux nw after i had my mummy beat me lightly cause i naughty boy i pee at mummy nursing pants.. next time i wil not do again le cause i don't want to get beat again le..

my fav thing to do is bark when gt people walk past mummy hse i wil always bark very loudly den when mummy cnt tolerate she wil come and carry me up to cuddle me.. i know i always do wrong things so mummy wil scold me bt i know tat she scold is my own good so i will not blame mummy

i love mummy so much..

Saturday, August 22, 2009 @
Hi everyone im Lucky here.. i want to thanks Mummy for helping me to create this blog..I doesnt hv much friends bt i hv only one friends name called LuLu..

when my mummy or my uncle, auntie open e door i wil always dash to LuLu hse bt my uncle, auntie dun like me to go there.. Mummy always scold me cause im naughty and dun listen to mummy command..

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