Friday, October 30, 2009 @
mummy pour milk for me to drink love milky milky *yummy* mummy went out in e aftern0on bt i dun wan to let mummy go so i sit at e door side like security guard just a pity tat i didnt wear my security guard shirt..

my dinner for today is steam drumstick and piece of chicken meat with rice its was so yummy and i finish it all.

Sunday, October 25, 2009 @
heres my recent post cause mummy busy playin computer games den gt no time to update my blog..

den nw she is free so here's my update for today ya.. in e mornin mummy bring me down to poo & pee bt when i reach home i when to drink water cause im so tired and thirsty.. at night after i had my dinner sis & mummy bring down to poo & pee after tat say tat lonq time i nva go for a long walk..

so mummy decide to brin me for a long walk it was wonderful.. walk one big round near my blk den i rest, some bangladesh blowin whistle at me i dun care them i only care my beloved mummy, sis, kor, uncle & aunty cause they dote on me alot..

Wednesday, October 21, 2009 @
uncle, aunty and mummy went 0ut early in e m0rnin t0 sch00l as mummy wan t0 quit sk0l.. den when they return bac mummy b0ught a finger toothbrush for me..

den mummy take out and brush my teeth i dun like bt after awhile ok le.. my dinner for today is steam chicken fillet with steam carrot i finish it all agn.. after dinner sis and mummy brin down for a walk

long time i didnt hv a good walk nw mummy cn have more time to accompany me and brin me f0r a walk le..

still cooking...

dinner is up!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009 @
i hv been left at h0me in e m0rnin cause they al went 0ut f0r their breakfast & 0s0 g0in t0 NTUC t0 buy things bt mummy gave me drink milk in e m0rnin.. nw mummy wil gave me drinks when she is free
cause she sae drink milk cn strengthen my b0nes s0 tat i cn be m0re str0nger.. as f0r my dinner mummy steam p0rk minced meat and b0il carr0t f0r me its s0 yummy & delici0us and ya 0f c0urse i finish al up cause im t00 hungry and its taste nice t00..

Wednesday, October 14, 2009 @
mummy hv been busy in w0rk s0 nw here is my recent update..

mummy hv listen to esther jiejie w0rds not to give me eat those oily food so nw these fews days i hv been eatin steam chicken fillet with rice 0r s0metimes wit carrot yummy..

Sunday, October 11, 2009 @
today is mummy last day 0f holiday le as tml she wil be goin bac to SGH to work for 9wks bt mummy told me tat she might be quittin this course soon le.. last term she 0s0 sae she quit e c0urse in no time in e end she oso nva quit she stil move on to 1.2skills

here some pics snap me while i was playin plastic bag

Saturday, October 10, 2009 @
here's my recent update sorry for not updatin my blog cause mummy has been busy updatin her blog..

these few days hv been stayin at home doin nothing nw i oso haven eat my dinner yet bt soon le cause nw im waitin for uncle to buy for me chicken rice to eat.. these few days at home im so bored bt at least my sis wil play runnin game wit me..

sis so bad lorh make me run here run there til im so tired just nw sis play runnin game wit me agn so tired... i wil stop here nw cause im too hungry le i wan to wait for uncle to get for me my dinner...

Saturday, October 3, 2009 @
mummy help me snap pic with my jiejie plus mummy too

Friday, October 2, 2009 @
mummy left me alone at home cause she went to catch a movie with her fren bt mummy stil gt ask korkor to buy chicken wing for me to eat..

mummy came home at ard 6plus den mummy help out in e kitchen cause they preapare e things for steamboat bt dun hv my share in it only hv few slices of pork meat after dinner mummy gave me eat some french fries love it..

mummy wil be goin to work soon le :(

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