Tuesday, January 18, 2011 @
whoof whoof whoof~

so fast already one year have come
and this year im gonna be 3 years old in
12more days i wonder mummy will
help me celebrate cos she is too busy
with her work

but i know mummy even she is busy
but she still will remember my birthday
and although without birthday cake also
fine as long mummy remember then is okay
but hope got snacks too especially my favorites
muffins and mini pizza
thinking about it makes me hungry

Tuesday, December 28, 2010 @
mummy so long never help me post
cos mummy have been working
after mummy found a job she
had no time to spent with me....

but now mummy got time to accompany me
and got time to help me update...
got my dinner everyday prepare by uncle
but not by mummy hands...

im doing very fine cos got new toys, new clothes and new
bed but mummy bought new bed i dnt like
cos black black and got dots,mummy ask me
to slp on it but i nvr then mummy will scold me
say i waste mummy money cos she buy i nvr slp
on it...

Saturday, November 20, 2010 @
i neglect my boii blog once again
cos really got no time to update my boii blog
but he is doing very fine and of course everytime
got bully his jiejie, he is so pathetic right?

aiya i also dont know what to post right now?
got time will update his blog again but do tag
at my little boii cbox too

good bye
good night
sweet dreams(:

Wednesday, October 20, 2010 @

oh my goodness....

i have neglected my little boy blog
so sorry for that cos its such a long time

didnt post anything about it..

anyway now my little boy is
sleeping very soundly
hope he will have
a sweet dreams i guess...
have been working then got no time
update my little boy blog guess will
post his blog
when im off
so nights everyone~

sweet dreams~

sleep soundly everyone~

enjoy the dreams that u dreamt~

Monday, September 20, 2010 @
soory for past few weeks didnt update my
boii blog as im working and there isnt much
time for me to update boii blog
cos have been working rotating shift...

and now my little boii is sleeping very soundly
as today weather is quite cooling for him to have
his sweet dreams..

Monday, August 2, 2010 @

im back did u miss my little boy?

cos past few weeks nothing much to
so i didnt post anything

this little boy had join in my life for
28months 01days,
and since he join in
my life
my house have become more cheerful
cos of him..
he brought laughter to our house,
although he always
get bullied my sis
but i know my little boy
wouldnt blame her cos no play no fun right?

i really wish that my little boy will be
with me
throughout my whole life and
i know thats impossible
cos everyone will leave the world..
if he really leave me, i really dont know how to get on
with my life..
i had already build up a strong bonding with
him and
i really cant bear when he leaves me in somedays

which i also dont know at all..

Tuesday, July 20, 2010 @

today mummy go out for interview
but i today keep on pester mummy
to carry me
by scratching her leg
and making sounds

i keep on scratching her for so long
and finally she carry me
but in e end
she still left me at home

cause im not used to being alone
at home
cause everyday mummy is
by my side
so i keep on stick to her..
mummy told sis that when nobody around

i will stick to her like super glue whereever she go

i will follow but when everyone come back

i will not stick to mummy but stick to everyone

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